40 days of jerseys #2 University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux

UND Fighting Sioux
UND Fighting Sioux jersey

Jersey #2 of 40: University of North Dakota FIghting Sioux (No Name/Number on back)

Style: Replica
Size: XXL
Manufacturer: Nike
Obtained: Store bought, 2009

This is one of the first college jerseys I owned, and I absolutely love the Indian logo and color scheme.

I picked it up while in Iowa on a family trip in 2009, at a store in one of the malls called “Black Friday”, which had several jerseys for hockey and baseball at a very reasonable price. I picked up about 4 hockey jerseys (sold 2 of them to a friend back home who also wanted a Sioux jersey) and brought back the only souvenirs I picked up while in Iowa.

Sioux logos over the years
UND Sioux logos over the years

Unfortunately the UND is no longer known as the Fighting Sioux. It’s sad that the politically corrupt correct in the world (namely the NCAA) suddenly feel this is offensive after 70+ years of use. I cannot for the life of me figure out where the “offense” of the nickname or logo is for anyone, Native American or otherwise. The NCAA is the worst organization that claims to be operating “in the best interests of athletes”, but it appears to be operating in the best interest of politicians and activists.

The best argument against changing the nickname is the other UND, the Fighting Irish. Not a peep from the NCAA about them changing their nickname anytime soon. Of course, I guess it helps to be a well-known school, as to the relatively obscure North Dakota. Then there’s the Florida State Seminoles, MLB Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians, Mississippi College Choctaws, Merrimack Warriors, Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, San Diego State Aztecs, Chicago Blackhawks, etc.

It’s a beautiful design, color scheme, and layout. I have no ties to North Dakota, other than I can point it out on a map, and it’s sad that corrupt politicians and activists with no true interest in the school have to get in the way of tradition. But I’ll proudly wear it to any hockey games and each time I have, I get stopped by several people who admire its beauty, the same as I do.

I’ve been offered a lot more money than what I paid for it, but like my Team USA jersey, this one is not for sale.

 Tomorrow: Checkerboards


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