40 days of jerseys #7: Tampa Bay Lightning

lightningback lightningfrontJersey #7 of 40: NHL Tampa Bay Lightning (LeCavalier, #4)

Style: Replica
Size: XL
Manufacturer: Reebok
Obtained: Yard sale, 2014

The Lightning were one of my first favorite NHL teams. I had family in Florida and wanted to go see the Lightning when they were getting started. However the timing was never right. The closest I got was going to a pre-season game in Atlanta between the IHL Knights and the Lightning, which was a fun game to watch. The Lightning won something like 4-1 if I recall.

Tampa Bay Lightning
Original Lightning logo

When the Knoxville Cherokees revamped their logo in 1993, they took up an affiliation with the Lightning, and were assigned Manon Rheaume, the first female goalie to play in an NHL game (exhibition). She was a worldwide celebrity and she got her first professional win as a Knoxville Cherokee.

I’ve owned Lightning merchandise, such as hats, pins, pucks, and shirts. It wasn’t until a yard sale last year when I obtained this jersey. I like how the player’s number is in the upper right, as well as the arms and back.

There have been three logo redesigns in franchise history. The jersey I have is a redesign of the original logo, removing the “LIGHTNING” from the logo and changing the “Tampa Bay” font. It lasted only 5 years before yet another redesign took out the words from the logo entirely and removed the black shadowing from the lightning logo.

The Nashville Predators have taken the “favorite NHL team” title from Tampa Bay, but I still follow them, they’re still in my top 5…

It is an XL and a tad snug on me, so this jersey is for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: What’s a Rafale?


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