40 days of jerseys #9: Calgary Flames

flamesfrontflamesback Jersey #9 of 40: NHL Calgary Flames (Valeri Bure, #8)

Style: Game Weight
Size: 56
Manufacturer: CCM
Obtained: Private purchase, 2011

I’ve always liked the Calgary Flames logo and jersey style. The Flaming “C” really sets the logo apart from other jerseys I have. So when I had the chance to purchase this from someone a few years back, I jumped at the opportunity.

This jersey is game weight, has a fight strap, and could be worn right now…if Valeri Bure still played for Calgary…

There’s something about Atlanta that causes hockey teams to defect to Canada. The Atlanta Flames were in the NHL in the 1970’s, then they moved to Calgary in 1980. The IHL Knights departed for Quebec City to become the Rafales in 1996, and most recently the Thrashers left and became the resurrected Winnipeg Jets in 2011.

The Atlanta team was named the Flames to reflect upon the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War. When they moved to Calgary in 1980, they retained the moniker. A slight homage to the Atlanta Flames is seen in the “A” logo on the jersey (for alternate Captain), as that was the logo used in Atlanta while they played there.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Monday: BOOM! Confetti!!!!


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