40 days of jerseys #10: Jimmie Johnson (Lowe’s)

lowesjohnsonfrontlowesjohnsonback Jersey #10 of 40: Lowe’s Jimmie Johnson #48

Style: Replica
Size: XXL
Manufacturer: Winner’s Circle
Obtained: Purchased, 2008

Even though it’s not as much fun to watch these days, I am a NASCAR fan as well as a hockey guy. And I really like Jimmie Johnson, despite it being an apparently unpopular opinion. I picked it up at a Walmart. It has no number on the sleeves (just a Lowe’s logo) and the front and back have the #48, with Johnson’s name across the top of the back. Even though it’s 2XL, it’s still a but snug. I had a choice between this, Dale Jr, Tony Stewart, or Jeff Gordon. I think I chose wisely.

I wore this jersey one time to an Ice Bears game, and the amount of disgust people had for my wearing it was obvious within minutes of arriving. Even a traffic cop was not shy about showing his discontent for my selection of apparel. 3 people threatened to rip it off while screaming something about “Dale Jr. FOREVER!” or something. I’m certain alcohol was involved…

I don’t wear it very often, because apparently it brings out, shall we say, “passion”, in fans. He’s just that good, though…6-time champion, 74 race victories to date, and over 300 top 10 finishes, he’s secured his spot as one of the greatest of all time. Still, it’s good to wear every once in a while and rub it in when he wins:

He’s not as polarizing as Dale Earnhardt Sr. was, that’s for sure.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Hitting the Ice Bears Lottery


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