40 days of jerseys #11: Knoxville Ice Bears (Berkley Scott)

bscotticebearsfrontbscotticebearsback Jersey #11 of 40: Knoxville Ice Bears (Berkley Scott, #27)

Style: Game Worn
Size: 54
Manufacturer: OT Athletics
Obtained: Raffle, 2011

I have seldom won anything in my entire life. Every now and then there will be something I get lucky on. But not very often. Heck, I took Lauren to a hamfest in Knoxville and she won a door prize, not me…I put in 5 tickets, one had her name on it, and guess who won…

My luck has improved over the years. Just this past May, I won a Yaesu FT-60R handheld radio ($150 value) at the Dayton Hamvention, but that’s ham radio stuff…read about it here if you’re interested.

I was at one of the first home games for the SPHL Knoxville Ice Bears in 2011-12. I can’t recall if I still had my season tickets or not, but in any case, I plunked down money for one raffle ticket. The promotion was to win a game-worn “jersey off the back” of the player they picked, and this night, it was rookie Berkley Scott‘s jersey they were giving away.

Luck, and the odds, were on my side. It was a mid-week game, so the crowd was not as large (typical during football season) and I saw that a small amount of tickets were sold.

Of course the raffle couldn’t go on without a little bit of drama, and on this night it was out there. The PA announcer forgot to announce the winner of the raffle during the game, so afterwards, all the raffle ticket holders gathered at the kiosk near the entrance to find out who won. And naturally, no name was posted.

After a few minutes, several of us were mumbling about what the holdup on the announcement was, and I casually asked one of the other hopefuls if they’d announced who won, and he said, “Yeah, just now, someone named Greg Williams, I think.” and I BLURTED LOUDLY that I was that person.

I went up to the table, showed them my ticket and license, and I was declared the winner.

Berkley Scott and me posing with my trophy.
Berkley Scott and me posing with my trophy.

Well, for some reason, conspiracy theorists griped that I didn’t prove who I was! Yep. I had the ticket, and the driver’s license, but somehow I was committing MAJOR IDENTITY THEFT of the REAL Greg Williams (how many of us are out there in this world? Dozens. Literally, dozens!) and I must have STOLEN THAT JERSEY!!!

I fugured both all of the conspiracy theorists were sore losers, especially when I posted to my Facebook page (under my name) my pic with the jersey and Berkley standing right alongside me, proving I yam what I yam. It’s a real nice jersey. Good colors, heavy fabric, and with a name like Scott (which happens to be my middle name), you can’t go wrong with this sweater!!!

Later that week, I won an auction for a special Air Force-themed jersey from him as well (no drama like before), but I sold it off a year later, having needed quick cash for Christmas.

scottjersey2Sadly, Berkley’s no longer an Ice Bear. He’s hopped between the ECHL and back to the SPHL the last couple of years but will be playing for the Fayetteville FireAntz this season, unless he gets the call-up to go back to the ECHL, which I hope he does get the chance to do yet again. Until then, I’ll have to be a closet FireAntz fan when he’s in town.

Surprise! This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Preds!


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