40 days of jerseys #12: Nashville Predators (1st Gen)

Nashville PredatorsJersey #12 of 40: Nashville Predators (no name or number)

Style: Replica
Size: XL
Manufacturer: Pro Player
Obtained: Purchased, 2000

I’ve always been a Nashville Predators fan, since they entered the NHL in 1998. The logo is in my opinion the sharpest logo in the league. I really like the sabretooth tiger’s streamlined image on the front. It’s set apart from many of the other logos in the NHL. While the jersey has undergone a few changes, the primary logo has relatively remain unchanged.

After the fossilized remains of a sabretooth was discovered in 1971 underneath what is now the location of the arena in an unearthed cave, the Predators name and moniker were unveiled in 1997 as the team was preparing to launch the following season. I instantly decided I had to get onboard as a fan because hey, it looked cool!!!

Predators’ shoulder patch

This jersey shows the “N” shoulder patch with the Arena’s 22-story tower spire in the logo. It was used from 1998-2004, then changed to a skull of the sabretooth tiger similar to the primary logo on their 3rd jersey.

I’ve been to a few games, not many, though. I watch them on TV (bring back Pete Weber!) and wish that they were on the radio locally (unfortunately there’s not a big enough market in East Tennessee for them on radio). I can still catch him from time to time on Satellite Radio, when I’m in the car…

The Preds are starting to become a legitimate contender for the Stanley Cup, maybe one or two puzzle pieces left, but with guys like Shea Weber, Seth Jones, Eric Nystrom and Pekka Rinne, they’re well on their way to getting further in the playoffs…if they could only get past the second round…

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: I’m not even supposed to BE HERE today!!!


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