40 days of jerseys #15: San Jose Sharks

San Jose SharksJersey #15 of 40: San Jose Sharks (no name, no number)

Style: Replica
Size: XL
Manufacturer: CCM
Obtained: Store purchase, 1992

You have no idea how often I get nostalgic for the 90’s, when I first got hooked on hockey. This jersey was my very first hockey jersey purchase. I picked it up at a local sportswear store in the mall and wore it for days on end it seemed.

This jersey has seen its share of wear and tear over the years. The front of the jersey’s worn a bit (there’s these little balls of polyester whose name I don’t know, but they’re all over the front) and I’ve, shall we say, “expanded horizontally” a tad. Even with the picture cropped you can probably see the sleeves are a bit shorter than they should be…

The patch across the upper left is a Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary patch, similar to the one in the pic to the right. All of the NHL teams wore this patch during the 1992-93 season. Considering the disastrous season the Sharks had that year, they’d probably rather I didn’t sport this patch on their jersey. I got it from the NHL back in 1992 when I mailed them a letter asking for info on how to purchase a patch. They sent me a patch, a pin, an NHL Guide and Record Book, and some other small trinkets in reply!!! How awesome was that?!?!

My future mother-in-law sewed it on for me after I politely asked her to do it one day, saying she could do it if/when she had time. She did it that night. Thanks, ma!

Just putting this jersey on for the photo reminded me of when I was so into hockey, I could just about name every single player on every single team in the NHL back then. The only bad thing was, here in Knoxville, getting hockey info was hard to come by, and any hockey on TV was through the good graces of SportsChannel America when they felt like simulcasting a regional network’s coverage. I’d even contemplated moving north for more hockey back when I was younger, but I never took that step.

So, anything to do with hockey I was collecting. Pins, hats, shirts, and with this purchase, another article of merchandise with which to start a new collection.

It may be old, and I may be old, and not able to fit into it like I used to, however it’s not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Deja Vu?


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