40 days of jerseys #17: San Jose Sharks (Again Again)

San Jose Sharks San Jose SharksJersey #17 of 40: San Jose Sharks (Thornton, #19)

Style: Replica
Size: XL
Manufacturer: Reebok
Obtained: Yard Sale, 2014

Although I have no ties directly to San Jose, I own 3 of their jerseys. Two of them being old school teal and silver, with the original logo, and this one, which I obtained just last year.

Joe Thornton is a gritty veteran and one of my favorite all-time Shark players. He’s a true old-school player and not afraid to mix it up when needed. He was a captain and an alternate (the “A” is on this jersey) but has struggled off and on with it, and something he’s occasionally not been too happy about, apparently.

San Jose Sharks
Sharks Original Logo

The logo is slightly adjusted from their original logo, which contributed to the surge of marketing within the sports world in the 90s. This logo was debuted in 2007. This jersey style is from then to 2013.

The logo is changed in that the shark figure is sleeker, the triangle background is slightly concave, there’s teal on the top of the figure, and the stick is leaner and slightly more anime-styled. While it’s more stylish to today’s style of logo design, I still prefer the original logo. Call me old school…

I have yet to wear this jersey but plan to do so soon. Even though it’s XL, it’s a comfortable fit, closer to an XXL size.

One of these days I’ll catch them playing a game against the Predators. But I think I’ll keep this jersey at home. Even though I love their logo and have followed them off and on, I’ll stick with the home-state team.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Get your motor runnin’


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