40 days of jerseys #19: Garfield

GarfieldJersey #19 of 40: Garfield (No name, no number)

Style: Replica
Size: One Size Fits All (If you’re an XL)
Manufacturer: Primetime Merchandise
Obtained: Store Purchase, mid 90’s(?)

I honestly don’t remember much about this jersey, or when I purchased it exactly. I remember I picked it up at a store in the mall, but that store has since gone out of business. It was geared towards animation and cartoon characters, but the name escapes me.

It’s a replica style mesh jersey. Fits an XL size even though the tag says “One size fits all”. I used to wear it playing roller hockey in the summer months outdoors. Normal jerseys were too thick and I’d sweat buckets before too long.

I am a Garfield fan. The comic strip, that is. The movies, however, not so much. When even the star (Bill Murray, who voiced Garfield) hates the movie, you know it’s gotta suck. I couldn’t sit through 15 minutes of it without needing oxygen, because I felt it was sucking the life out of me…

The old cartoon shows, though, were great. Unfortunately the voice actor for those shows passed away in 2001 (much to my surprise, when I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t doing the movies).

This jersey is for sale or trade.

Monday: One for the Mrs.


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