40 days of jerseys #20: Knoxville Cherokees (For Jes)

caddenback caddenfrontJersey #20 of 40: Knoxville Cherokees (Cory Cadden, #35)

Style: Replica
Size: Medium
Manufacturer: Bauer
Obtained: Team Purchase (Christmas gift for Jes, 1996)

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend (soon to be my wife a couple of years later) because she needed a jersey that fit her, she liked Cory Cadden (the goalie for the Cherokees) and she liked this style of jersey (which mimicked that of the St. Louis Blues jerseys at that time).

St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Blues (NHL) jersey style

The jersey is a replica style, customized for her favorite player at that time (and probably still is her favorite). The jersey looks like that of the St. Louis Blues of the same time, with the slanted striping along the bottom and the slanted numbers on the back of the jersey. It was a nice style of jersey (one of the best styles of jersey from the Cherokees during that era) but the Cherokees were not affiliated with the Blues.

Sadly, this would be a last hurrah for the Cherokees, as the 96-97 season would be their last year in Knoxville before heading to Florence, SC. The arena rent and perks that were afforded to most other teams (such as parking revenue and concessions percentage) were not conducive enough for the team to stay, compared to what the owners were going to receive for their new home. Also, the Knoxville Civic Coliseum was not guaranteeing dates that would maximize the potential for attendance in a non-hockey market (this is a college football town, after all!). A lot of Friday/Saturday dates were blocked off for other events (that may or may not have come in to town) and the league found it better to schedule those games out of town.

She still wears the jersey when we go to games and people come up and ask about it. Because it’s a medium, she wears it without having to roll up the sleeves like she would have to do on any of mine.

This jersey is not for sale or trade because I value my life.

Tomorrow: Gimme a light…


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