40 days of jerseys #22: Steve & Barry’s USA Jersey

usasbback usasbfrontJersey #22 of 40: USA (no name, #76)

Style: Heavy Replica
Size: XL
Manufacturer: Steve & Barry’s
Obtained: Thrift Store, 2006

This was another jersey I picked up at a thrift store (like my Bud Light jersey), but I picked this one up in London, KY at a thrift store. I saw this and bought it without even trying it on.

If you’re not familiar with Steve & Barry’s, you missed out on a great store for finding a lot of amazing clothes at thrift store prices. They went out of business in 2009, sadly. I would drive up to Middlesboro, KY to buy their clothing at the mall there. Then they opened a store in Knoxville and I was in there almost weekly.

Steve & Barry’s sold some top quality clothing at affordable prices. It was geared towards colleges and athletics, but expanded into other areas of clothing as well. The company expanded during the early 2000’s, but the modest profits weren’t enough to get the founders out of enormous debts they incurred as the recession hit.

Some Steve & Barry's jerseys
Some Steve & Barry’s jerseys I also own

This jersey is a heavy and thick piece of clothing. I cannot wear it in the summer, it feels like I’m wearing 4 long-sleeve shirts! I love wearing it in the wintertime. Sometimes I can wear it in 20-degree cold with no need for a jacket. It’s that comfortable and heavy.

The hockey jerseys they sold were knockoffs of designs for other teams, professional or collegiate. For example, one jersey I purchased says “Motor City” in a slanted lettering (similar to the New York Rangers) and the colors are silver and black. Not the Detroit Red Wings’ colors (Red & White). Another jersey with cool blue and black says “Detroit” One of my other personal favorites is a dark green and white “Spartans” with an “S” where the Captain’s “C” would normally be.

While they did sell licensed merchandise for colleges, some merchandise was licensed and promoted by celebrities and athletes (the NBA’s Stephon Marbury had a clothing line through them).

The jerseys are all comfortable enough to wear to bed on a chilly night. The lettering on the jerseys is sewn on, not silk-screened. The fabric (polyester or cotton/poly mix) is thick and durable. There are numbers on the back of them but not on the sleeves. The USA jersey has a “76” in relation (I would assume) to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, or the centennial years in which they are celebrated, or both. The other jerseys have random numbers, or perhaps there is a meaning I’m not aware?

The place I bought the USA jersey was not a Steve & Barry’s but an actual thrift store. The other jerseys I have were all purchased in the stores themselves.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Another Preds jersey!


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