40 days of jerseys #28: Knoxville Ice Bears (Kids)

kidskibJersey #28 of 40: Knoxville Ice Bears (Kids size, no name, no #)

Style: Replica (Game weight)
Size: Youth Large
Manufacturer: OT
Obtained: Gift from a friend, 2006

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

A good friend of mine (who I have not seen in a while, Hi Tom!) gave this to us for our kids when we were attending games together during the early years of the Ice Bears’ existence. This is a replica of their inaugural season (in the ACHL days) with the jersey design. His son had outgrown it and with my kids still trying to get out of diapers and into school, he gave it to us as a hand-me-down.

My kids have worn it to the games, and it still looks as if it were right off the assembly line, clean as can be.

I think in part to my being a serious hockey fan, and my friends’ donation, my kids enjoy hockey and pester me about taking them to the games.

Even though they’ve outgrown the jersey, it is not for sale or trade. Their kids can enjoy it when the time comes.

Tomorrow: When the Saints go marching in.


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