40 days of jerseys #29: Ramapo Saints

saintsback saintsfrontJersey #29 of 40: Ramapo Saints (no name, number removed)

Style: Game-weight (used?)
Size: XXL
Manufacturer: Bakka
Obtained: eBay auction, circa 2000

I bought this off eBay sometime in the early 2000’s I believe. I love the colors on the jersey and the logo. It was very inexpensive and judging by the markings on parts of the jersey, looks to either be game-worn or simply well-worn.

There are signs on the back that the number “18” was removed from the jersey, but I don’t know why. It’s difficult to tell if there was a name plate.

The manufacturer is “bakka” and I hope I am correct in the spelling. Although searching for the company brings up the trademark that’s on the jersey, there is no web site that I can find. Either they’re out of business, or they’re not doing business to the public.

To be honest, I didn’t know the name of the team that had the logo, I just liked the colors and the pattern. It belongs to a youth hockey group out of New Jersey.

The jersey is a size 2XL but it’s very tight on the neck, so it may have been undersized for the youth league, but I can still wear it.

I’m not sure who owned this jersey previously, but in case they were wondering, it’s in good hands.

Which is why this jersey is not for sale or trade.

Monday: Swiderman!


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