40 days of jerseys #30: Knoxville Ice Bears – Swider

swiderfrontswiderbackJersey #30 of 40: Knoxville Ice Bear (Kevin Swider, #12)

Style: Game-worn
Size: Unknown – No tag, presumed size 56/XL
Manufacturer: Athletic Knit
Obtained: Yard Sale, 2014

If you live in an SPHL city, have seen an SPHL game in the 2000’s, or follow minor-league hockey in some way, you probably have heard the name Kevin Swider at some point in time or another.

To put it simply, he’s the best player to ever play in the SPHL. He played for the Ice Bears going back to the days when they were in the ACHL, then the SEHL (late in the season), and then when they were in the SPHL. Each year he played in the SPHL, he won the scoring title. He won it so much they renamed the title in his honor. One season I recall (07-08), he won the title despite being sidelined with injuries through part of the year.

His #12 is retired by the Ice Bears. He retired after the 11-12 season, but probably could have played a few more years. He’s gone up to AA-level hockey but always returned to Knoxville to excel.

This was a special jersey sometime during the 2006-07 season (the President’s Cup patch was to commemorate their Championship in 2005-06).  If I recall, it was a Margaritaville-type event or “Beach night” or something like that.

Unfortunately I don’t get to wear this one. My daughter Lauren stole it from me when she saw me bring it home from a yard sale last year. I’m surprised I found it. I don’t think she knows I wore it for the photo above. She wears it when she goes to the games.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Warner Bros and Harley-Davidson.


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