40 days of jerseys #31: Warner Bros/Harley-Davidson

hdfrontJersey #31 of 40: Warner Bros Wile E. Coyote/Taz/Bugs Bunny (No name, no number)

Style: Replica
Size: XXL
Manufacturer: Warner-Brothers/Harley Davidson
Obtained: Yard sale, 2014

I’ve been a fan of the Tazmanian Devil since I first started watching cartoons. I still have fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons, 4+ hours of brain-rotting entertainment with nothing but a bowl of cereal and pajamas (and occasionally a little brother) to keep me company while the adults slept in.

The Roar Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons kept me and my uncle Jeff in stitches. Almost every weekend we were visiting my grandparents in Speedwell, TN. It was about as traditional as Thanksgiving turkey. Sadly he passed away from cancer in 1999. Whenever I watch any of the Bugs/Taz/Road Runner cartoons I’m reminded of the times we would watch them.

I have lots of Taz paraphernalia, and Jes gave me a 14k gold Taz pendant for Christmas one year. I’ve had t-shirts, cups, and even a baseball jersey with his caricature on it.

I bought the jersey last year along with several others, but haven’t worn it yet.

I can’t say much in regards to the Harley-Davidson logo. I’ve never owned or ridden one. But it’s not to say I wouldn’t love to own one.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Duck and cover


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