40 days of jerseys #33: Florida Panthers NHL Street Hockey

pantherfrontJersey #33 of 40: Florida Panthers Street Hockey (no name, no number)

Style: Replica
Size: L
Manufacturer: Nike
Obtained: Thrift Store purchase, 2011

For Thanksgiving, how about this turkey of a jersey? I couldn’t decide between this or the “Bud Light” jersey, but this might get the award for the flaming old-style NHL logo on the one arm alone.

The family and I were in Florida visiting relatives and catching the last shuttle launch ever. Before the launch, we stopped in Ft. Myers to see my stepmother and her brother (both have since passed away) and we stopped at a thrift store while passing some time. I came across this one, new condition, still with tags, and for a very good price, even for a thrift store.


I knew it was not your “typical” jersey, with the “NHL street hockey” logo on one arm, no name/number, and the overall design looking like lazer background from the class pictures you took in middle school…still, I couldn’t pass up the chance to own a Florida Panthers jersey, even if it was this thing…

Growing up in Homestead, FL in the 1970’s, it was way before the Panthers were even a thought in the NHL. I can remember selling chocolate bars for school fundraising, and getting a catalog of stuff for rewards for selling X-number of chocolate bars. I chose a hockey stick of all things. Here I was, 6-7 years old, in Florida, south of Miami, and I wanted a hockey stick? Made no sense to my parents, but made sense to me. I knew nothing about hockey (Gretzky was still in high school around this time) but whenever I caught a glimpse of the sport on TV (a rarity back in the 3-channel days) I loved how they played it on ice, with sticks, hitting a black disk at a guy in pads trying to get past him into the net. I still have that stick, somewhere in the attic.

I could’ve worn this jersey back then, I’m sure. But now, it’s just a novelty.

It’s too small for me to wear, but it’s new with tags still on it, so if you’re interested, hit me up.

This jersey is for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Black (and blue) Friday


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