40 days of jerseys #36: HSM Miners

minersfrontminerbackJersey #36 of 40: HSM Miners (no name, #9)

Style: Replica
Size: XL (tight)
Manufacturer: Pro Trend
Obtained: eBay auction, early 2000’s

The only reason I bought this jersey was because of the “HSM” across the top. That’s the suffix of my ham radio callsign (K4HSM) and I felt I needed to have it for that reason alone.

The team itself, who knows? I have not seen a thing on the internet about this team, and I can only guess that it was a team playing in a rec league, either in the Northern US or Canada.

It appears to be related to a mining company, but I’m not sure which it would be. There are Strip Mines and Slope Mines that are dotted along the Dakotas, Colorado. Alaska, and all over Canada, but nothing turns up regarding what specifically this particular mining company could be.

The jersey’s layout is similar to the NHL New York Rangers, which may give a clue as to the location of the team and their name.

If anyone has any info about this team, I’d love to know.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Speaking of the Rangers…


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