40 days of jerseys #38: Pittsburgh Penguins – Mario Lemieux (New Logo)

lemieuxback lemieuxfrontJersey #38 of 40: Pittsburgh Penguins (Mario Lemieux, #66)

Style: Game Weight
Size: XXL
Manufacturer: KOHO
Obtained: Brought from a friend, 2011

I doubt I need to do much introduction on who “Super” Mario Lemieux is. He is in the history books as one of the best scorers of all time and there are a few accomplishments that may never be bested.

He’s been faced with his share of challenges in his life and he seems to bounce back bigger and better every time. He had recurring back problems through much of his career which could have rivaled that of Gretzky on some levels had his health permitted. But his biggest challenges weren’t just his back. Diagnosed with cancer in 1993, he missed part of the season, but returned with a vengeance and despite missing much of the season, still won the scoring title! He was an absolute machine on the ice and no one was stopping him. If he had anything to prove (as if bouncing back from cancer wasn’t big enough) he silenced any critic imaginable with his scoring and leadership.

Lemieux and Sydney Crosby

It’s amazing to think what might have been. He missed over 500 games due to health problems, and still is 7th overall in scoring in NHL history.

Plus, it’s not every day when you make so much money you buy the company you work for and become owner/CEO…

The jersey is game weight, fight strap, and should he once again un-retire, he could wear this jersey tonight! It’s one of the best in my collection.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: The Great One


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