40 days of jerseys #40: Knoxville Ice Bears (ACHL)

bissonfrontbissonbackJersey #40 of 40: Knoxville Ice Bears (Todd Bisson, #13)

Style: Game Worn
Size: 58
Manufacturer: OT Athletic
Obtained: Brought from a friend, mid-2000’s

Wow! I don’t know what is more amazing, the fact the I have gone through almost all of my jerseys (I actually still have a couple I could post, but maybe later), or the fact that I actually stuck with it and posted 40 jerseys as advertised…I should be more impressed, because usually I’d have given up around Jersey #15 or so…

Last, but certainly not least, is a jersey that I hold special to me. This was the first ever game-worn I bought. I got it from my friend who sold me a few others before. He knew I was on a budget and was looking for one and set me up with this one. I’ve worn it the most often when wearing jerseys to the games (other than my Cherokees jersey).

ACHL Logo (2002-03)

The jersey is from the first year the Ice Bears franchise were in operation in 2002-03. The numbers have claw marks and the jersey design with the wavy lines on the sleeves and bottom sort of resemble the waves of the ACHL logo. The following season they went with a different design that removed the claw mark numbers and wavy background. Almost every year there is a variation in the jersey design, but this continues to be my favorite simply because of the numbers having claw marks, it was a unique design that set them apart from any other team in almost any other league.

Todd Bisson’s time with the Ice Bears (and the ACHL) was short. However, he did have a good career after pro hockey by becoming a Manager of Hockey Administration with the Central Hockey League (before they folded and several teams absorbed by the ECHL) as well as being a head coach for the Arizona State hockey club. He’s also worked with the Phoenix Coyotes as a youth hockey coordinator.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Thanks, everyone who walked this journey with me. It’s been fun to recollect on the teams, players, leagues, and people that I’ve been in touch with through the years and have shared my hockey addiction.

Have a wonderful Christmas season!


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