40 days of jerseys #35: Knoxville Ice Bears 2006-07 special jersey

dyerback Jersey #35dyerfront of 40: 2006-07 Knoxville Ice Bears “Retro” jersey (Dyer, #66)

Style: Game-weight
Size: XXL
Manufacturer: AK Athletic
Obtained: Purchased from owner, around 2009


Don’t go looking for a “Dyer” in the hockeyDB web site who played for the Ice Bears. He’s actually one of the owners of the team. He’s sold me a few jerseys over the years (a couple I’ve yet to showcase) and has always been a good friend for supplying my jersey habit. He’s a collector like myself and occasionally will look me up to hook me up.

If you hadn’t guessed, he’s also a fan of Mario Lemieux, wearing #66 on almost any jersey he customizes.

Shoulder patch

It was during the 2006-07 season because the patch above the primary logo commemorated their first Championship in 2005-06. Since only the Cherokees’ logo is on the jersey, I’m guessing it was a Cherokees alumni game, but it’s been so long I personally don’t recall.

The teal color is reminiscent of the Knoxville Cherokees when they revamped their logo in 1993 to the “Feathered K” logo (on the shoulder patch, left sleeve), although the jersey color is more blue, where the Cherokees’ logo was more green. Still, it’s has a San Jose Sharks’ feel to it, and it goes with my other three jerseys

Every now and again there will be a throwback night where they will have special jerseys to commemorate the previous franchises in Knoxville hockey history. The Knights, Cherokees, and yes, even the Speed.

I’d still like to get my hands on a Cherokees jersey from their earlier days, either the red and white Red Wings’ style, or the black, red, and white Blackhawks’ style. Every now and again one will turn up, but way over what I would like to pay.

This jersey is not for sale or trade.

Tomorrow: Hockey and a tinge of ham radio


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