40 days of jerseys #34: Michigan Wolverines/Colorado College Tigers

michiganJersey #34.1 of 40: Michigan Wolverines (no name, no number)

Style: Replica
Size: XL
Manufacturer: Nike
Obtained: Store Purchase, 2009




Jersey #34.2 of 40: Colorado College Tigers (no name, no number)

Style: Replica
Size: XL
Manufacturer: Colosseum Athletics
Obtained: Yard Sale, 2014

Okay, so why did I put up TWO different jerseys instead of one? Well, simply put, I had more jerseys than 40 days would allow, so I grouped the college jerseys I had left (after the North Dakota Fighting Sioux and University of Tennessee IceVols) into one post.

The Michigan jersey I purchased in Iowa in 2009, same as the Fighting Sioux jersey. I always wanted a jersey with a lace-tie at the neck, and this was the first one I owned that had it. Now I have several. I’ve worn it to a couple of Ice Bears games, and even to work a couple of times, where a couple of co-workers tried to steal it from me, and one wanted to burn it off me, with me in it!  Ohio State guy…go figure…

The Colorado College jersey I got at a yard sale last year, along with several others. The guy selling them I believe was a coach for the IceVols, and was from Colorado, and was raising money to help with the team. I purchased several (like the Anaheim Ducks, Kevin Swider, Harley Davidson, KC Caudill, and a few others) and later the UT IceVols jersey to help with the funding. That yard sale purchase alone was what increased my jersey collection almost double what it was! I arrived at the sale right before they were “officially” open, and thought I was going to get beat by a couple of other collectors who I was afraid would have seen the same posting. Fortunately, I won out!!!

I don’t have any personal ties to either school. I do like watching the Wolverines play hockey when I can catch a game. I have yet to see CC play on TV, however.

These jerseys are not for sale or trade. But I may entertain a trade offer for the Colorado College jersey.

Monday: A jersey to “Dyer” for…


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